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When I Get Angry Card

The When I Get Angry card can be used by anyone who has read John DeMarco’s book, Desensitizing Anger, or who has completed anger therapy with John DeMarco M.Ed., LPC.

The card focuses on four key self-regulation skills that extinguish hyper-reactive anger. Using the card also further reduces an over sensitized anger reaction. But, without understanding the concepts behind the four skills the card is useless. But if you have learned about and understand the concepts behind these skills, the card will change your life in a positive way.

How to use the card: Simply keep the small 3x5 inch card with you at all times. Whenever you have an anger episode take the card out, read it and do what it says. It’s that simple. The card can also be kept on a cell phone as a pdf file.

To downloaded and print the card or save it to your cell phone as a pdf file, click here.

To downloaded and print the card or saved it to your cell phone as a pdf file, go to

Information about John DeMarco M.Ed., LPC and his innovative book, Desensitizing Anger, can be found here:

When I Get Angry

How angry do I want to get and how will it help me?

Am I musturbating? Stop it! Think “I prefer... but I don’t insist that ...”

Did I have a D-thought? Recite the healing self-directive.

Do I have a punishment thought? Remember my rewards.