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Stress Management Tips

Exercise - Exercise is a simple way to relieve stress. Any physical activity will help. Taking even a fifteen minute walk a day outside can refresh you and help reduce stress.

Remove some commitments - Have you taken on too many activities or commitments? Any of these that you can remove, without neglecting basic responsibilities, will help reduce stress.

Talk about it - Talking about your worries to someone you trust will help. Find a friend, family member, or counselor, who can help you find possible solutions.

Give in once in a while - Striving and fighting with others can create stress. It’s okay to give in once in a while; and you may find that others will begin to give in, too.

Accept what you cannot change - Stop making yourself miserable over things you cannot presently change. Get on with doing the other things in your life.

Get enough sleep and rest - Lack of sleep contributes to depression and being rested will increase your ability to cope with stress.

Do one thing at a time - Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at one time. Do what is most urgent first.

Behaviors that contribute to stress:

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