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Couples Counseling

It is possible to heal a hurting relationship and to restore the attachment of love. You and your partner can discover that there are things you can do to nurture your love, trust, and commitment to one another.

In intimate relationships couples provide one another with emotional protection and security. This provision is the bond that holds the relationship together. In problem relationships this bond has been damaged.

Couples therapy helps you and your partner talk about the underlying feelings related to your need for emotional protection and security. Therapy can help you both gain empathy for each other at a deeper level, which in turn motivates changes in behavior and stimulates caregiving and sexuality.

Couples therapy is done most often conjointly, meaning both of you are together in sessions. However, you and your partner may see the therapist individually as well. The use of ground rules in therapy allows you and your partner to talk openly about important issues that you might not talk about otherwise. Your therapist remains impartial and respects both of you. The focus is on healing your relationship, not changing either of you individually.

Guided by your therapist, you and your partner will learn new ways to interact and overcome old problems. You will set individual and mutual goals and work on ways to achieve them. You will be provided with experiences designed to help you both be attuned to one another’s emotional needs, and to improve the overall health of your emotional attachment to one another.

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Has resentment developed between you and your partner?

Has intimacy and affection in your relationship suffered?

Is there avoidance to listen when one of you needs to be heard?

Is a conflict in values driving a wedge between you?

Have one or both of you been hurt or betrayed?

Therapy may be the wisest choice you’ll ever make...