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Anger Assessment

If you are scheduled for an anger assessment please read the information below and follow all directions before coming to your appointment:

  1. Read the Statement of Understanding for an Anger Assessment.
  2. Download and complete an adult intake* form and bring it with you to your appointment.
  3. If you need an assessment in order to help with a legal problem, write an explanation for why you were ordered to do this. In particular explain what it is that you did. Do not give background details, just state what it is that you did. Either type or print it legibly and bring it to your assessment. It must be a minimum of 300 words. Failure to do this may result in denial of your assessment.
  4. If there is a police report connected to the problem that prompted your need for an assessment, bring the police report with you. There are many different parts to a police report. Bring the Incident Report or the Arrest Report. These reports are the ones made by the investigating police officer.
  5. Bring with you the name, title, and address of the person or agency you want your letter addressed to. If you want it addressed to your lawyer bring his or her business card. Or, your letter can be addressed to you.
  6. Bring payment in full in cash only. No checks or credit cards are accepted. You will be given a receipt.
  7. Because the assessment is time demanding, if you are late the assessment cannot be conducted and you will be charged a $75 service fee. It is suggested that you plan on arriving early.
  8. You are expected to give 24 hours advanced notice if you decide to cancel your appointment otherwise you will be changed a $75 service fee. Likewise if you fail to keep the appointment without giving notice you will be charged a $75 service fee.
  9. Only bottled water is permitted in the office. No chewing gum, coffee, etc.

* Requires a PDF viewer. Click here for details