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About the Book

Desensitizing Anger: A Comprehensive Anger Management Guide, by John DeMarco M.Ed., LPC

Available in paperback and digital versions, published by Page Publishing Inc., New York, NY

186 pages - $13.95   (click here to purchase)

This new book presents a new and powerful approach to anger management.

Instead of teaching you how to calm down once you become angry, this new approach trains you how not to get angry. John DeMarco M.Ed., LPC, a psychotherapist who specializes in anger therapy explains how you can train yourself to have a healthier less intense anger reaction. As you practice the skills outlined in this book you will see that the situations and problems that used to make you angry will no longer have that affect. You will be able to say, “I can’t believe that didn’t make me angry. I used to get so mad over that.”

 The real cause of anger is confronted head on in this book. It is your thoughts that make you angry, not what actually happens. Understanding this is the key to learning how to confront problems without getting angry. There are four types of anger provoking thoughts that instantly go through your mind whenever you become angry. This book teaches you how to recognize these thoughts and how to stop having them. Developing this skill will dramatically change your anger reaction.

Think of reading this book as taking a personal training course in anger management:

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